May 7, 2009

To Do Lists

So I officially graduate college in 8 days. YIKES. After that I still need to finish up student teaching, but really all formal classwork is Colombia here I come???

Not so fast.

Turns out I have approximately one million things to do before they let me into the country including finding time to made a little visit to the Colombian Consulate in Chicago. In order to get a visa I need the following:

  • Birth certificate

  • College diploma

  • High school diploma

  • Letters from my school in Colombia

  • Police clearance letter

  • Good health notice from my doctor

  • Teaching licensure

  • 4 passport size photos

  • Copies of my passport

  • Transcript

Also, several of these things need to have an "apostille" on them...basically this fancy government seal thing that they only do in really specific locations and of course the government charges you money for. Awesome. And I think you need to have an "apostille" from the state where the document was issued...does this mean I need to send my birth certificate to Colorado (since I was born in Denver)?? Not sure yet. But it seems like a lot of work that I'm going to somehow need to fit into working, seeing friends, attending summer concerts and supporting the MN Twins/JPM (Joseph Patrick Mauer) in the hopes they somehow manage to be over .500 on the year...

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