Oh, hey. I'm Kristin.

I started writing this blog to talk about my move to Cali, Colombia where I teach 8th grade math. Now I write about my cross-cultural encounters with my students and my early years as a new teacher. I write about the incredible adventures to be found in Colombia. I write about the people I have met here, like my roommate Kelsi. I write about the amazing people I left behind in Minnesota. Sometimes I write about my obsession with television or the Minnesota Twins or photography or whatever thing I happen to love at the moment. Or don't love - like people who fail at traveling. And cats. Cats are the worst. And then there are times where life just seems full of endless questions, so I write about that too. And sometimes I just write to write it all down.

What do you need to know about me to read this blog? I believe I'm fiercely independent. I believe that I could write my life story in John Mayer lyrics. I believe there is a deep inter-connectedness to our lives and to the world. I believe I am an ENTJ to the core. I believe the choices we make everyday come to define our lives. I believe in the power of our shared experiences - preferably over a good iced chai, pitcher of sangria, or banana chocolate chip pancakes.

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Rob said...

Hey Kristin!

So, having traveled a lot but never south of the US border I am curious. When I think of South America, and particularly Columbia, I think of drug wars, kidnapping of vulnerable Americans, and general unpleasantness that might well override anything interesting about the places. While multilingual I don't speak Spanish which makes me even more nervous about it...

Any thoughts?

Kristin said...

Hi Rob,
Yes, those are definitely things that most people outside of Colombia associate with the country. And while the extent to which those things permeate daily life in Colombia is small, they do originate from very real instances.

That said I have lived here for over two years, following general guidelines to keep myself safe, and have never run into any trouble. Colombia is a gorgeous country with some of the most friendly and helpful people you will find in South America. While Spanish language will help you get around, there is no reason not to come visit even if the language is a barrier.

Thanks for reading!

4th Grade said...

Hey Kristin...another Kristin here...

Writing to ask for any advice or information you may have about the opportunities to teach in Medellin? I am currently a certified teacher in CO, and have 5 years of full-time teaching experience with both native English and Native Spanish speaking students, although I do not speak Spanish myself.I am curious as to how you obtained your job at an international school, as I am desperate to try something new. In addition, Medellin is currently where my boyfriend is living and I have toiled with the option of moving without a job, in hopes of finding something when I get there (although that makes me very nervous)...
Sorry for the long-winded post, but I am so desperate for information from someone that has experienced this first-hand and could give me some advice about paths to take, avenues to explore, etc...

I would so appreciate your input, and I admire your adventurous spirit!

Hoping to hear back from you soon.
Kristin from CO

Kristin said...

Hi Kristin,

Wow, it sounds like you have some great experience so far with some skills that would really benefit you in an international environment. I personally was hired independently by my school, but I do know there are other international schools in Medellin, many of which also hire from the US/Canada. I would recommend looking into an international teaching fair for this summer or for next winter to try to get interviews with some of these schools. Good luck!


Greg said...

Hi Kristin,

I came accross your blog in my ongoing search for English teaching work here in Cali, I wanted to see if you had some inside tips you could share? I am finding it extremely difficult so far. ANY info you could share would be extremely helpful!!

thank you ma'am!


Kristin said...

Hi Greg. That's great to hear other people are starting to enjoy Cali! While their are jobs teaching English to be found here, I recommend having some certification of some sort as it greatly increases your marketability. Also - just getting out there and exploring the city will allow you to meet people and seek out opportunities to get involved. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristin,

I´m Luisa, native from Spain and now living in Germany. Everyday I´m dreaming about going to southamerica with this warm atmosphere!!

From now on I´ll be reading your posts to know more about the culture and your personal experience.

Could u please contact me in l.fernandez@foodpanda.com? I´d like to talk about Colombia.



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