April 22, 2010

Write It All Down

Back in December 2009 I shared with you my love of photography and my dreams to one day pursue a career (or at least a serious hobby) in photography. Six months later I have come to realize that not only am I interested in photography, but writing as well.
I have always felt like writing came naturally to me. While I am not a consistent, everyday journal writer, I love the process of writing, I love the possibilities that come with crisp new notebooks or a blank screen. I love the power that a piece of writing can possess. A picture may be worth a thousand words but there is still something to be said for the person who can write 500 words and make you feel like you are living in that exact moment. For me, writing makes me honest, vulnerable and the creative, and lately I cannot get enough of it. Several times within the past two weeks I have just felt a sudden urge to go sit at Juan Valdez with a grande vanilla cinnamon iced mocha and just write it all down.
The more I explore around on blogs, Twitter, Facebook and the internet in general, the more I come across fascinating people doing amazing things... like traveling and getting other people to pay for it. GENIUS. Now, I am not setting my sights on this just yet as this would entail a whole lifestyle change, however... I am interested in writing more about my time here in Colombia. I love reading what my friends and family think, but I am also curious about the ongoing conversations happening with other expats in Colombia, Latin America, and the world in general.
So, just as any other extroverted, goal driven, mind over matter 21st century woman would do, I am making it happen. :) Haha. After months of following Holly's posts at Medellin Living, another great travel blog about life in Medellin, Colombia, she mentioned that she was leaving Medellin and the site was in need of new contributors. I emailed the main editor about the possibility of writing for the site despite my location in Cali, not Medellin. A few weeks later and I have written two posts so far, with a third on the way. While updating two blogs is definitely an undertaking on top of a teaching schedule, I feel invigorated by this opportunity to further interact with the community of expats in Colombia and the world in general!!

Check out my first two posts here:


Jenny & Justin said...

Don't ever stop writing, Miss Kristin Radermacher - sitting down with a cup of coffee to catch up on your blog is a regular occurrence for me :) You have such a gift. Miss and love you. Can't wait to keep reading...

Ilse said...

yay!! Makes me really happy that you are so interested in writing. I feel like this gives us yet one more reason to live somewhere together, and become expat/vagabond writers. And, from the perspective of someone who does almost exlusively creative and respect your blog/travel writing.

Ilse said...

*from the perspective of someone who does almost exclusively creative writing, I admire your blog/travel writing.

Kristin said...

Thanks ladies. Jenny - even though you're not blogging all the time I cannot wait to hear your thoughts when we both are home this summer.

Ils - we definitely need to be expat/vagabond writers somewhere. Add it to the list of life plans. Its happening :)

Papa Rad's said...

from one writer to another, from one dreamer to another, from one reader to another, and from one life adventurer to another... my advice and encouragement regarding your thoughts on pursuing and perpetuating your writing, travel, photography interests--DO IT! I keep giving you the same simple advice on things of this nature, and of course you don't really need my advice, but here is why I give the advice and here is why it is so easy -- I am 50 yrs old, so I've been living and observing life for a while now. So over that time you make mistakes, you go down some dead ends, and along the path if you are paying attention, you learn a whole lot about yourself - what drives you, what motivates you, what your deep passions are. You get to understanding your heart and soul and your true longings better and better. And you get a real keen sense of the gifts God gave you, and the interests and passions God gave you, and you find ways just like you said -- to flat out make it happen. You cannot just sit around and think the world or opportunity will come to you, but instead you have to put yourself out there, like the vulnerability you may expose when you are daring enough to write, to create, to teach, to love, to LIVE.

I happen to have many of the exact same passions and interests running through my veins, but at the very young age of 22 you have already gone way past me in making a lot of your dreams and hopes and passions come to life, because you have gone OUT THERE and given it a try, and you will do it again.

God bless and God speed, and remember this, some great writer said, "writing is not a vocation or avocation or hobby to me, anymore than breathing or food and water is necessary..... I write because I HAVE TO, I have something to say, and it has to come out and get on that page."

Papa Rad's

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