April 4, 2010

Sunsets over the Amazon River Basin

Amazon Trip Update #1
Filled with funny moments, cool adventures and great snapshots, I find it difficult to find words to describe my spring break/Semana Santa trip to the Amazon River basin. The entire place is so unique, unlike any other part of the world, that there truly is no just comparison for description. The next few posts will be my very best attempt :)
Easily the most beautiful part of the day in the Amazons, I could not get enough sunset watching in during this trip! The magnificent colors that come from unpolluted and unobstructed views were absolutely stunning. Whether we were on the river or observing from the shore, the sky lit up with a brilliant display of pink, orange and blue hues - changing to be ever more beautiful every second. I could have looked at it forever, and definitely photographed it for just as long, but in an effort to maintain camera battery I found a way to limit myself. Here are some of my favorite sunset shots from the trip. I think some of them are definite framers for my big girl house in the distant future. :)
Night #1: View from Leticia, Colombia
Night #2: View from the boat somwhere between Colombia & Brazil (Headed to Palmari Nature Reserve)

Night #4: Cruising the Rio Yavari between Colombia & Peru
Night #6: Sitting on the dock of the bay (river)...in Tabatinga, Brazil - sipping Brazilian beer with five fabulous ladies

This one is my FAVORITE from the trip :)


Melody said...

Your Amazon trip sounds amazing so far! I want to hear more... can you give more specific details about what you did and the logistics? We're looking into going to Leticia while we are here. I'm excited to hear your perspective.

Kristin said...

Melody, thanks for your comment! More details are up on my blog today! It was an amazing trip and I would definitely recommend it!!

Kristin said...
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Bethany said...

Wow, absolutely gorgeous photos! I love them all!

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