Life List

Black= To Do, Grey = Completed, Purple = In Process


See a game at all 30 Major League Ballparks. (Completed: Coors Field (Colorado Rockies) - July 2000, Miller Park (Milwaukee Brewers) - September 2007, Wrigley Field (Chicago Cubs) - August 2009, Target Field (Minnesota Twins) - June 2010, Dodger Stadium (LA Dodgers) - July 2010)

Visit wine country in Argentina. (Completed: December 2011)

Visit the deep south of the United States with my dad.

Visit all 6 of the main continents (Antarctica is jut not realistic!) (Completed: North America - July 1987, Europe - June 2007, South America - July 2009)

Go back to Spain with Anna or Maria…or both!

Visit the Alhambra in Granada, Spain.

Go to New Orleans Jazz Festival with my dad.

Go on a road trip through the United States.

Live in Boston, New York or Chicago for at least one year.

Visit Australia.

Visit every US State. (Completed (in alphabetical order): California, Colorado, District of Colombia, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, Wisconsin, Wyoming)

Live somewhere where I can use public transportation for a year. (Completed: Cali, Colombia, July 2009 - July 2010) 

Visit South Africa.

Live in Uptown, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Live on Grand Ave, St. Paul, Minnesota.

Take the SATC tour in NYC.

Take the Gossip Girl tour in NYC.

Travel by train.

Take a picture on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Personal Growth

Be able to get into Parsva Bakasana (Crow) pose in yoga.

Run a 5K without stopping.

Run in the Twin Cities 10 mile.

Learn to drive stick shift.

Learn how to change a tire.

Go out to eat at a nice restaurant by myself.

Submit an article to the op-ed section of a newspaper.

Give up pasta for one month. (Completed: Lent 2010)

Floss my teeth everyday for a month. (Completed: February 2011)

Be conversational in a third language.

Professional Development

Go to grad school for a masters in education.

Teach low income/high risk youth in a big city for at least one year.

Attend a conference with NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics).

Teach my students to create math podcasts.

Take a web site design class.


Throw someone a surprise party. (Completed: Angie & Caleb's Engagement Party - October 2, 2010)

Meet Joe Mauer and take a picture with him.

Go snowboarding with Danny at least once – try not to break anything.

Learn how to make pies like my mom.

Visit Lindsey & Alex while they live in California. (Completed: July 18-22, 2010)

Visit Anna & Andy while they live in Wyoming. (Completed: July 25-30, 2011)

Plan & go on a camping trip with lots of friends.

Giving Back

Volunteer in a political campaign that I really believe in.

Donate clothes or household things at least twice a year.

Just For Fun

Go paragliding. (Completed: San Gil, Colombia - August 5, 2010)

Learn about wine – both through reading and life experience. (Completed: December 28, 2011 Museo de Vid y Vino in Cafayate, Argentina & December 18, 2011 - January 7, 2012 in Argentina)

Learn to use Adobe Photoshop well.

Develop my own pictures.

Print and scrapbook the pictures from my study abroad trip to Spain. (Completed: October 2011)

Finish my college scrapbooks.

Learn to salsa dance. (Completed: January 2010)

Paint at least one room of my house with a bold color that really stands out.

Go on a multiple-day trek. (Completed: January 2010 - Ciudad Perdida, Colombia)

Sit in the front row at a concert.

See a Broadway play.

Get my Imagine tattoo. (Completed: January 28, 2012)

Take surf lessons at least once.

Do a runner at a restaurant.

Kiss in the rain. (Completed: July 23, 2011)

Get a bikini wax.

Go to the World Series.

Play on an ultimate Frisbee team.

Get someone to pay me to write about or take pictures while traveling. (Completed: February 2011)

Learn to make espresso/coffee in general well.

Make homemade crepes.

Drive a jet ski.

Try 100 different beers - huge distributors don’t count. (Completed: Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy, Leinenkugel’s Berry Weiss, Leinenkugel’s Honey Weiss, Bell’s Two Hearted Ale, Flat Earth Belgian Style Pale Ale, Surly Furious, Goose Island Honker’s Ale, Hoegarrden, Corona, Deschute’s Mirror Pond Pale Ale, New Belgium Flat Tire, Wells Banana Bread Beer, Stella Artois, Lakefront Wheat Monkey, Lakefront IPA, Lakefront ESB)

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