June 14, 2010

Hammocks - built for one. Unless...

...your name appears on this list.
So in summary, we're still at Crepes & Waffles. I still don't want to grade. Due to lack of hammock worthy men in Colombia, Kelsi and I have found ourselves having many conversations lately about what celebrities we might allow in our beloved, built-for-one, hammocks. After much deliberation and some questioning of each others choices, we have compiled the following list of guys who have an open invitation to our hammocks for the duration of our time in Colombia. Most of these are mutual, although some are more specific to me (Keith Urban) and others are more specific to Kelsi (Gael Garcia Bernal). Some of our favorites do not appear on this list because we would not come to a mutual agreement on them - Taylor Lautner, Jesse St. James (from Glee), and Kelsi's Wednesday night spin instructor. ;)
The list is not in exact order from least to most hammock worthy, although in general, the choices get better as you get further down the list. Enjoy!
Gael Garcia Bernal
Clive Owen
Jay Hernandez
Keith Urban
Adrian Grenier aka Vincent Chase
Javier Bardem
Paul Rudd
Mr. Schuster aka Matthew Morrison
Jim Halpert
    Bradley Cooper
    Matt Damon
    Mark Wahlberg


    MARIAN said...

    hola, leo tu blog ..lo encontre hace una semana en expat-blog.Me gusto por que yo soy de cali pero ahora vivo en suecia.
    hablo ingles pero aprovecho para escribir en mi idioma.
    Y me gustaria ver a Bradley Cooper en una hamaca.jajaja

    TT said...

    What!! I can't beleive Joe Mauer did not make the list!

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