June 6, 2010

Door Stoppers, Wine Corks & Pictures

Last Monday night we are moving into our apartment and I notice that even with my windows and balcony door open, the inside doors are not slamming shut in the wind as expected. I look down at my bedroom door...
"You bought door stoppers? Thanks Kels! Mine is a cute little blue turtle, what's yours?"
"A blue sumo wrestler."
Hahahaha. So random. Pretty much describes 1/2 of Kelsi's personality - in a really good, positive, makes you laugh kind of way. :) Now that I am writing this I have no idea why I did not include them in the photo shoot of our apartment. Please look for photos of the door stoppers in future writings :)
Slowly but surely Kelsi and I are getting settled into our new apartment. After moving in last week, we have spent lots of time unpacking boxes and organizing the new apartment. We still have some things to accomplish, like receiving the items we bought from teachers who are leaving, setting up internet, more deep cleaning, and most importantly, hanging up our hammocks! However, things are definitely starting to take shape!
We have spent a lot of time this weekend making the place look more like our home, and I am so excited about the way it is shaping up! Our kitchen is all in order and we have already made several delicious meals related to fresh veggies, oatmeal, pasta, and wine. We have decided upon a vase to store all the wine corks from the next year. We moved in last week and have since collected three. :) The whole process of getting settled makes me so excited for Kelsi's friends to come visit this summer and for people to come visit me next year. I love everything about it and our neighborhood!
Yesterday morning we went on an adventure to explore the walking route to another neighborhood, San Antonio. The walk did not take us nearly as long as we thought, only about 30 minutes, and we came back a different route in about the same amount of time. I love getting to know the city of Cali, and after walking around today and making some connections between places I had only previously driven to, I feel like I know the city even better than before! Then this morning we went on another walk to explore the neighborhood more and walked ourselves to the grocery store.
Here are some apartment photos so you can check out my new place. Enjoy viewing! (Ahem, please notice the extra bedroom - Mom, Dad, Joe, Michael, Danny, Ilse, Liz, Kate, Anna, Maria, etc...)
A view of San Fernando and all of Cali looking out from our balcony.
The balcony with some plants...but no hammocks yet!
Living room - yay for Direct TV installation and being able to watch Twins games again! I am going to convert Kelsi into a baseball loving Padres with a hint of Twins fan even if it takes all year.
View from the other side of the living room.
Living room and kitchen table, looking from my bedroom door.
The reading nook where I told Kelsi we are going to sit, drink coffee, and solve worldly problems.
One corner of the kitchen.
Kitchen sink area.
Looking into the kitchen from the doorway.
I felt like our apartment needed some pictures to really feel like "ours" so I had some photos printed this week. This little series depicts some of our kayaking adventures in San Andres over Thanksgiving with our friend Hana.
My room with the door open to the balcony.
My closet.
Part of my bathroom. With all of the duck themed decorations I have had for years. Isn't it nice that no matter where I live in the world my bathroom always has this little touch of home?
More bathroom with crazy blue shower doors.
Wall of the bathroom. (Katie K - please note the photo on the wall!)
Looking down the street to the left.
Looking down the street to the right.

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Lisa said...

Great photos! I love the quotes on the fridge. :)

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