June 14, 2010

Hammocking - What What!

It's official. I have discovered the thing I will miss most about Colombia when I am in Minnesota for a month this summer. 
Hammocking with Kelsi. 
After a lot of running around gathering hammocks and all the things to hang hammocks, and a guy with a drill to hang our hammocks, we are in business! They are hung at opposite ends of our balcony overlooking the city and they are DELIGHTFUL. I am in love.
We drink tea/coffee in them. We eat in them. We read in them. We use our computers in them. We creep on our friend (and neighbor) Tara's house while sitting in them. I would rate my happiness while in my hammock at approximately 1,000%. LOOOOOOVE them. :)
Kelsi enjoying our Monday off from school with some hammocking and reading time.
This is me following her directions and looking out pensively over Cali.
Kelsi's hammock.
My hammock.
This weekend is yet another long weekend, and today is a holiday off from school, so once again we have parked ourselves at Crepes & Waffles with our Mac books and the last few finals I have yet to grade. Tomorrow we will resume school for the very last week of the school year. Three full days and then a half day on Friday! The school year came to an end so quickly, and I cannot believe I am just days away from completely my first year as a teacher. Everyone says the first year is the hardest because everything is new, which I am totally in agreement with. I definitely learned a lot, but I am happy to have some of those "firsts" completed.
Besides hammocking and sitting at Crepes and Waffles, this weekend has been pretty relaxed. On Saturday, I played ultimate frisbee with some fellow teachers, spent some time grading at Juan Valdez and then played soccer with Kelsi and some other girls. (Yes, I played soccer, and yes it was about as ridiculous as you would assume, but I actually really loved just going out there and running around!) Sunday we went to the Bodies exhibit (the same one that toured around the US) with friends and then saw the movie A-Team in the afternoon. Kelsi and I are now firmly in love with Bradley Cooper.
Ciao for now,

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