June 18, 2010


After 180 some school days we are DONE for summer! This year time seemed to fly back and all of the sudden here we are at June 18th. After all my time spent studying and going to school to be a teacher, it feels good to actually be a teacher and have my first year finished. Everyone has always told me that my first year of teaching would be the most difficult, so while there were certainly memorable moments throughout this year, I am glad its over!

As the buses left the parking lot for the last time all the teachers from pre-primary through high school lined up and waved goodbye as the bus drivers did a few (too many) loops around the parking lot - horns honking, children yelling, parade style. It was definitely a sight to see and was an excellent form of closure for the year.
And of course once the last bus left, the teachers had a little celebration of our own! It's summertime!!! :D

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