June 16, 2010

Primary Teacher Talent Show

As the last days of school finish there are many assemblies and meetings, but my favorite was the primary teacher talent show. Unlike middle and high school, where many students are too cool for school and don't really get enthusiastic about assemblies, this teacher talent show had all the kids clapping, singing and dancing along!
Almost every primary teacher in my school contributed in some way. The whole theme was based around the World Cup cause its pretty much all Colombians think about right now. Catie and Hana kicked off the show as co-emcees and did an awesome job acting out their introductions using a script they wrote the night before!
Other teachers, Amanda and Aaron, did some partner swing dancing which the kids totally loved. They got big cheers!
Some of the soccer coaches showed off their skills on stage. Of course a group of female teachers danced to the Waka Waka Shakira song that has become a theme song of the World Cup. The whole thing finished with a big group, including Kelsi, singing and dancing along to K'naan's Wavin' Flag. Yes, they were led around the stage by the primary principal. Amazing.
Mid-dance moves to Wavin' Flag.
Kelsi "I am famous for my dance moves"
Please check out this video to see some of the sweet dance moves by the primary teachers. Also, please note that the man in the yellow Brazil jersey with the wireless microphone is the primary principal. LOVE.

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