June 1, 2010

California, Here I Come...

In high school (& college for some extremely loyal fans, myself included) we used to get together on Thursday nights for the latest episode of The OC. Just another teenage drama series by Josh Schwartz, but for those four years I watched the lives of Ryan, Marissa, Seth and Summer unfold for one hour every week.

So when my friend Alex texted me to tell me he had decided between grad school in Madison, Wisconsin and Irvine, California, he sent me a message that said "California, here we come..." One year later, I am making a trip to visit both him and my friend (his fiancee) Lindsey. We have been discussing this potential trip for months now, and I am so excited that the plane tickets are finally booked! Alex happens to be home in Minnesota the weekend I leave, so we will actually get to fly there together after investing some quality time together at Target Field in Minnesota.

While my visit home this summer is probably going to feel about 2 seconds long, I am thrilled to be spending some time visiting Alex and Lindsey, as well as seeing California for the first time! I cannot wait to see where they live, go to school, go to work and spend their time. Perhaps we will squeeze in some time to check off another ballpark on my Life List... (ahem, Alex, the Angels & Padres are out of town all week...but the Dodgers play the Giants (in LA) all three nights at 7:10pm...I trust you will begin searching for tickets)

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