June 2, 2010

We're Regulars

Looking back on this post, I had no idea what my time in Colombia would entail. I knew I was leaving a lot behind in Minnesota, but I came here with an open heart, wide eyes and courage - I wanted to see the world (or at least a small new part of it). I made a list of things I would miss about Minnesota and a list of things I couldn't wait to experience in Colombia.

What was on that list?
Things like #3: I really want to become a solid regular at a good coffee cafe, I sincerely hope this works out.

Handled it.
About a week ago I stopped in on of the many Juan Valdez locations in Cali. This particular location is in a mall named Unicentro. This is close to my first apartment, close to Kelsi's first apartment, close to the public transportation system of the Mio and the bus stops there everyday on the way home from school. Needless to say, I am there a lot and so is Kelsi. On this particular day I stopped in but didn't quite feel like coffee, so I ordered a mango smoothie.

When my order was ready, I went up to the counter to pick it up, and the guy working asks me where my mocha was. LOVE. He recognized me AND knew what my normal drink was. Hooooray! I love when this happens! I don't know why, but there is just something about being a regular that makes me feel happy and secure, like I really live here. :)

Juan Valdez in Unicentro.
Then on Saturday, I stopped by on my way to Kelsi's old apartment and ordered us two vanilla cinnamon iced lattes. This time I go up to get my drinks and the same guy asks me where my friend is! Apparently he not only recognizes me, but he also recognizes that I go there all the time with Kelsi. I told him she was at home and the second drink was for her. He was immediately concerned and I basically had to spend two minutes of ridiculous Spanish explaining that she was fine, and not ill, and I am sure we will be back next week.

In summary?

Misson accomplished: I am a regular.

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Papa Rad's said...

reading your blog post while dining on TT's buttermilk pancakes, I ask you? Is there anything better in life? We dig being regulars at neighborhood coffee shops and bistro's and bars and such because we dig that sense of community, that sense of connectedness, that sense that we are rooted and connected in some way with a few other humans in our surroundings, rather than this lame thing called suburbs and winter where people drive in and out of there driveways and go in and out of their houses for months on end w/o any contact or connection with the human beings around them. The corollary of this (can you dig the math reference? LUV it...) is one of my favorite ideas about the catholic faith is that it is supposed to be all-inviting, all-inclusive, and it is not a faith where you go it alone, but instead are connected to fellow humans also trying to make the spiritual journey. ps. you come from certain lineage where your mother once asked your father while in a Caribou Coffee in downtown Mpls and a young guy behind the counter recognized me and said, "hey hi, aren't you usually in the eden prairie caribou (where I worked at the time, good God, I worked a job in E.P., yikes), "My God Steve, do you basically know everybody at every Caribou Coffee in Minnesota?" No I said, just most of them in the Twin Cities. Baller, that's what that is right there.

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