July 27, 2009

Things I Will Miss & Things I Can't Wait to Experience

Since I officially leave for Colombia tomorrow I have been giving a lot of thought to things I will miss here in Minnesota/the States (and it doesn't help that I can't sleep due to nerves...weird that I'm not using this time to pack...whoops) I have also been thinking a lot about my upcoming experience and all of the great things it will lead me to...here are both lists!

Things I Will Miss 
  1. Each and every one of my wonderful friends & family members
  2. Watching my brothers become these amazing young men who look less & less like the little boys I grew up with
  3. Fall leaves turning colors
  4. Caribbean Passion smoothies @ Jamba Juice
  5. Oktoberfest festivities in La Crosse
  6. Singing/dancing at assorted 3rd Street establishments in La Crosse with the Main/Vine girls
  7. Texting (slightly embarrassing but I will seriously miss texting!)
  8. TV shows! I am so weirdly addicted to a ridiculous number of shows...One Tree Hill, How I Met Your Mother, Private Practice, Grey's, Gossip Girl, The Office, Entourage, Brothers & Sisters...
  9. Annual Dorle family North Shore trip
  10. Watching Love Actually every week in December with Kirsten
  11. Cities 97 Acoustic Sunrise & Sunset radio program (I hope this will stream online...to South America)
  12. Opening Day @ the MN Twins new ballpark
Things I Can't Wait to Experience
  1. Meeting my students because as cheesy as it sounds, I became a teacher because I love helping kids learn.  Helping students learn is literally what motivates me to get up before the hour of 9 am on most days :)
  2. Meeting all the other new teachers!
  3. Finding my way around my my new neighborhood when I locate an apartment.  I really want to become a solid regular at a good coffee cafe, I sincerely hope this works out.
  4. Hearing Spanish spoken all around me!
  5. Cafe con leche
  6. Traveling around the country of Colombia
  7. Having my very own classroom for the first time ever...where I don't have to move around between class periods and I know where everything is!
  8. According to my guidebook...somewhere in the Amazons there are pink dolphins. I plan to find them and take pictures. I really hope this isn't some myth crafted by the writers @ Lonely Planet.
  9. That feeling I will get about a month in when I feel like I really belong in Cali and all my old nervousness will seem silly.
  10. Salsa dancing. Perhaps in two years in Colombia I will learn to dance, or at least enough rhythm to fake it? We shall see, but either way I'm going to give it my very best shot!

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Anonymous said...

Pink Dolphins!!!!!!!! That's amazing!

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