July 27, 2009

Going Away Parties

In the last 24 hours I have attended 2 going away parties for me.  They were both wonderfully planned by fabulous people, and I couldn't have asked for a better turn out from family and friends.  While I know there are so many wonderful things that lie ahead in Colombia, having all of your friends and family turn out to support you certainly makes it harder to leave.  Transitioning from college to adulthood-ness already seems like a pretty terrible idea, and I will be doing so on a different continent.  I cannot wait to get to Miami and then Colombia and start meeting friends, cause right now things are feeling a bit terrifying...

Anyway, to discuss happier things, Friday night I had a lovely going away party hosted by my friends Maria and Anna.  Maria, always the party planner, went so far as to theme the party with appropriate Hispanic touches such as labeling items with Spanish vocabulary words (i.e. sign on the bathroom door that read "el bano"), playing Hispanic music, and having taquitos, guacamole and margaritas.  The party was perfect and I loved spending time with all the fabulous people I love.

Today my parents (aka my mother) hosted a family going away party for me at our house.  Most of my family was able to attend and it was so nice to see everyone together.  There were some notable absences... Papa & Paula, Aunt Susie, Mike & Bobbie & Co. and my gorgeous Goddaughter Stefanie, but I did get a chance to say goodbye to all of them at some point!  

I will leave you with some pictures from the events...

My Wonderful Party Hosts! Anna & Maria

Mathletes representing :) Darren & me 

Kindergarten Best Friends! Kate, Ilse, Liz & me

Guilders. :) Allison (aka #153) & Bridget (#134)

More Mathletes! Maren & me

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