July 30, 2009

Oh hey Colombia, I'm here!!!!!!!

Hi everyone!  I have officially arrived safe & sound in Cali, Colombia!  We made it to our hotel, the Radisson Royal of Cali, where we will be staying for the next several days until we find apartments within the city.  The plane ride from Miami was relatively uneventful but I will post more info later...right now I am off to a quick shower & bed to dream of the continental breakfast in the morning.

Tomorrow we will get our blood tests to register our visas, tour the school, and have photos taken for our cedulas (Colombian ID cards).

Quick note: They showed an episode of The Office on the plane. (The one where Dwight & Angela get married and everyone else debates new chairs vs. copiers)  I could not have been happier.  Also, located an iced chai from Starbucks minutes before departing the Miami airport...such a great choice.  More to follow, thanks for all your comments, I love and appreciate them so so so much!!

Tons of love from Colombia!


Lone Bandyt said...

Hello Kristen,
I am another teacher who has just moved to Colombia. I am at Liceo Ingles in Pereira and moved here last week. I stumbled upon your blog when looking for when HIMYM was on in Colombia (your 'Things I will Miss... entry).

It is good to hear about other new teachers coming to Colombia. Actually, I met some of your new co-workers in the Colombian Consulate in Toronto. Good luck settling in.

Nicole said...

So glad to hear that you have arrived safely and you are feeling good about the decision to move out of the country! Can't wait to Skype soon!

Nicole said...

Side Note: Now these blood tests that you are referring to... did the doctor pull the needle out of a zip lock baggie and ask you to turn over?? I'm having Guatemala flash backs like you wouldn't believe! Tell me you remember that doc trying to stick me with the aids needle!

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