July 25, 2009

Happy 22nd year of life!

Well my days left in the States are certainly numbered and I have been doing my best to see as many people as possible before leaving!  My college roommate, Kirsten, came into town last weekend to visit, and it was fun to see her before leaving.  We celebrated my birthday Friday night, then Saturday spent the day just hanging out by the lakes. (Add the Minneapolis lakes to the list of things I will miss TERRIBLY about Minnesota!  Good thing I'll come back to visit next summer!)  Anyway, Kirsten and I rented a kayak on Lake Calhoun and paddled around to Lake of the Isles, which was gorgeous.  Afterwards we had some delicious snacks at the Tin Fish on Lake Calhoun....a perfect day!

Here are some pictures from my birthday, taken at the Shouthouse (a fabulous place!). Enjoy!

Kirsten & me

Kate & me

Lindsey, Alex & me

Anna, Maria & me

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Nicole said...

Glad to see that the birthday festivities were a success! Let me know when you want to Skype to chat all things blogger. I think I'll go online tomorrow morning my time so Sunday night your time between 6pm and 9pm if you're around.

PS: thanks for stopping by the blog and commenting on my terribly unclassy morning after debauchery.

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