July 28, 2009

Travel to Miami

Well, here it is...6 months after being hired I am finally in Miami on my way to Colombia Thursday night!  After many, many difficult goodbyes, I am happy to be here and looking forward to a short bit of relaxing before having to search for an apt and move in Colombia.

Despite a two hour delay out of Minneapolis this morning, everything went smoothly with my flight and two people from my school picked me up at the airport this afternoon.  After enjoying a turkey sandwich straight out of a middle school cafeteria I enjoyed a lovely afternoon at the beach with some of the other new teachers.  In about an hour we are off to dinner to meet everyone (all 14 new teachers!), so it should be an interesting night.

Quick note on my travel experience...so I am in the Minneapolis airport...trying to go through security as quickly as possible, because for some reason I ALWAYS feel extremely rushed in those situations.  I have my shoes off, etc. and I make it though the walking thing before some guy tells me says "Whose bag is this?" Dear Sir, how many people do you see walking around here with matching patterned purple luggage? Of course that's mine.  So he tells me he needs to search it.  Fine.  He opens it up and asks me if there is anything sharp in there.  I tell him I have packed and re-packed my bags so many times that I have no idea what's really in there.  Then he goes to open up the pocket of a backpack within my suitcase and I recall....that is where I packed my pencils, pens, post-its and scissors!  Crap...scissors.  So I tell him right away I have scissors in there, and I'm sorry, he can take them.  He says, "No problem miss, I just need to measure them, they should be fine."  He measures them and puts them back in my bag, and says I'm good to go!  WHAT?!?!?!?!  These are actual scissors, adult scissors, not the ones you hand a first grader that don't actually cut anything, ever.  

In summary I am not incredibly creeped out at the thought of just anyone having a scissors on a plane.  What kind of world is this where I cannot bring more than 3 fluid ounces but by all means, scissors are allowed?!?! Ridiculous.

Traveling is always interesting, so more stories will follow, I am sure.  In the meantime, I am starving! 

Picture of me @ 5:45 am in Minneapolis airport, after repacking my bags...holding my travel version of Joe Mauer thanks to Kirsten Ann :)

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