July 6, 2009

22 days and counting...

I received an email today from director's assistant at my school about my travel information, and I am starting to get very excited to meet all my fellow teachers! I have already met 4 other girls because they were hired at the same fair as I was, however, there are 14 new teachers in total!

When I arrive in Miami on July 28th I will meet the school director, his wife, and his assistant at the airport, then we will travel to hotel/resort where we will stay for two days with all the teachers. We hang out there and have some orientation meetings, then all fly to Colombia on July 30th. The resort looks pretty sweet (http://www.newportbeachsideresort.com/), so I am excited for that too! We are all randomly assigned roommates for the stay in Miami...who knows, maybe I will like mine enough to want to live with her in Colombia???

Here are some pictures of the hotel/resort in Miami...

Additionally, bought new luggage this weekend, because my family only has one set...and it's boring...and they will need it to come visit me! Therefore I picked up these lovely pieces at Kohls...I loved them instantly!

apt. 9 Geometric Luggage Collection

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Anonymous said...

I saw this luggage at Kohls and I thought it was probably the kind you got... I didn't even know you bought yours at Kohls... I'm sitting here in awe of myself and my knowledge of your taste... - Anna

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