July 22, 2009

Hooray! Boxes arrive in Miami!

According to UPS.com the four boxes I have shipped to US International Freight in Miami have arrived safely. HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!! From here they are inspected (along with the detailed inventory I had to provide for each box), then hopefully they are on their way to meet me in Colombia.

These boxes contain essential items including but not limited to: picture frames, MN Twins backpack, 3 (yes, three!) MN Twins bobbleheads (including the AL Batting Champ Joe Mauer version I waited in line for 5 hours to obtain), teaching resources, SHOES!, my pillows, clothes, and more... They better make it to Colombia!

Here's what they looked like before I had my brother assist me in carting them to UPS:

Overall, not a bad system and the shipping $$ is reimbursed by my school when I get to Colombia. Score!

p.s. Not yet writing from new Mac Book :( ... updating my music, pictures, etc. on my back up drive in hopes of getting things together for the Mac Book tomorrow??

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