July 30, 2009

Last day in the U S of A!

Perhaps it is indicative of my excitement level that my blog title for the day rhymes?? :)  Today is officially my last day in the United States, and now that I am finally on my way and have met more of the new teachers I could not be more ready!  

My stay in Miami has been good, although I could never ever live here.  It literally could not be more humid outside; I feel like I could drink the air.  Then, to make up for the obscene humidity they overuse air conditioning in all cars, buildings and hotels.  Ridiculous.  The resort however is super nice and we have been eating lots of delicious meals out.  Yesterday we had a meeting together with the director, Joe, and the 14 new teachers (13 girls and 1 guy...but the guy is married to one of the girls so maybe he doesn't feel so singled out?? :)).  The meeting was very informative and we just generally discussed some of the basics of Cali.  Then we spent the rest of the day having some lunch, relaxing by the beach and finishing up last minute odds and ends.

I am LOVING talking to all these new teachers because everyone has such an interesting story to tell about where he or she has been in the past, where he or she is from, etc.  Listening to everyone talk about their hometowns makes me realize how little of the US I have seen, and now I am leaving to go to South America.  Just in talking with everyone I am realizing how many trips I still have left to take.  (And it doesn't help that I got an email from cheapflights.com yesterday about $129 airfare from Minneapolis to Boston....jealous!)  I know I will definitely need to make it to New York, Boston, and California soon!

So today we take off from the hotel for the airport at noon, then our flight leaves around 4:30....we have to get there early to check our bags in and get organized with such a large group.  Also, some of us may need to rearrange things in our bags to not go over the weight limit.  I hope I do not have the same issues as I did in Minnesota...where I had to re-pack all of my luggage to make it less than 50 lbs....in the middle of the airport at 5:45 am. Ridiculous.

Prior to leaving the hotel I will be abandoning my cell phone and mailing it back to Minnesota in a lovely bubble mailer courtesy of my mother.  I think I am already having detachment issues from texting. :/

Okay, that's all for now!  Not sure when I will blog next in these next few days because I'm not sure if the Radisson of Cali has free internet or not...

Sleeping in Colombia tonight!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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