April 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Joe!

Yes, I celebrated it with my students today. I also may or may not have written it on the white board and outlined it with coordinating red and blue bubble outlines. Whatever, don't judge. He's fabulous, an amazing catcher, a batting champ, a golden glove winner, and a true home grown down-to-earth Minnesota boy. I hope he had a fabulous birthday!! :) Cheers to the Twins being 9-4 on the season so far!
p.s. Speaking of catchers and adorable-ness have you seen our new backup catcher???!?!?!! Don't get me wrong, I miss Mike Redmond....but, Drew Butera, who we got from the NY Mets in 2008 in exchange for a trade involving Luis Castillo, is gorgeous. He made his debut last week when we played the White Sox and based on appearance he will fit in perfectly with the rest of the Twins. Do we have the best looking team in baseball, or what??
Random baseball trivia fact: His father Sal played for the Twins from 1980 to '82 and again in 1987. They are the first father-son combo in Twins history.

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