April 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Maria!

"We might be laughing a bit too loud, oh but that never hurt no one."
Happy Birthday Maria (aka Roly Poly)!
When I was thirteen years old I went to Camp Sonlight, AKA church summer camp, for a week in June. At this camp I made some serious lifelong friends, and traveled back for a few years after as a counselor. While times change, people change and you change in response, Maria and Anna have been constants in my life over the last ten years. At times our lives have felt creepily parallel and similar, and we really went through many of life's "firsts" together.
From the time Maria jumped up into my top bunk and scared the pants off me coming back from the camp bathroom to the fabulous going away party she held for me before moving to Colombia, she has kept me laughing out loud at her quirky, fun-loving, hysterical attitude. Almost all of my funniest stories from high school involve Maria in some way or another.
Today she turns 23, so Maria Rose - as you embark on your 23rd year of life, I hope you continue to enrich the world around you with your humor, your sassy spark, and your overall love for what life has to offer you.
All my love,

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