April 3, 2010

Amazonian First Impressions: Immensity

BACK! After an amazing, hot, humid, jungle-filled, sweaty adventure in the Amazons we have returned to Cali. There are too many pictures (313!), videos (at least 8!), and thoughts to sort through at the moment so until I have more of a detailed updated, here is the first and last image I have of the Amazon river basin.
I took this photo out the plane window as we prepared to land in Leticia, Colombia because I was in complete shock at the expansive forest, jungle and who-knows-what below me. On a map, the Amazon region certainly looks big and I know its one of the largest rivers in the world (largest?) but I was in complete awe at witnessing the huge green region surrounding the river. Literally for miles and miles, the green trees and canopy stretch out as far as my contact-lense corrected vision could see. Upon viewing this for the first time, I came to the striking realization of what a little, tiny part of this region I would see up close. During my final viewing, I left knowing that a part of me will always remember fondly that week I spent in the heart of this amazing life-giving jungle.
More to come...

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