April 19, 2010

Minnesota Girl

Just saw this on Etsy and fell in love immediately! My mom has had this poem/painting hanging in our main bathroom forever and one of the lines reads, "No matter where I roam, [Minnesota] will always be my home. I totally agree with this, as I still use Minnesota as a reference point for so much of my personality, my life and my relationships.
Truly, no matter where I am in the world I will always be a Minnesota girl at heart, which is what makes this necklace perfect for me!!! Is it worth the $50 for sterling silver??? Thoughts?

1 comment:

Papa Rad's said...

well.... GO FOR IT. As the hopelessly idealistic father in this Rad's operation, my advice is always the same when it comes to life essentials such as good books, good red wine, travel, and of course music - can you really have enough? Does this stuff really cost money? This is the food of the soul that the great writers and artists spoke of. Whether one has funds or not (p.s. teachers in Colombia of course are loaded with dinero, yea right), this MN necklace is essential to one's well being. My only upgrade comment is of course get a Joe Mauer cameo picture embedded in the MN necklace itself to really "wear your love around your neck" as Elvis Presley said years ago.

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