April 10, 2010

The Colombian dentist has a TV? Yes please.

I think you officially live somewhere when you pay bills there (check), grocery shop there regularly (check), bank there (check) and lastly, go to the dentist there. Well, just call me a caleña (woman from Cali, Colombia), cause I think I'm home. Yesterday Kelsi and I headed to a school-recommended dentist for some good old fashioned teeth cleaning.
The dentist for me has always been a bit of a battle for a few reasons. I hate how long everything in health care takes in the States. Do I really need to fill out seven different forms that state the same information? Also, I don't like flossing...and dentists do...so we basically has a conflict of interest all the time. I have two permanent retainers that were put in after I had braces and flossing with those little threader things is quite possibly the most obnoxious use of my time ever. I would rather watch the Yankees play than be forced to floss my teeth. My dentist did not really ever agree with this mentality.
Armed with my dentist hatred, I was not really looking forward to the experience, but I figured I better handle it before going home this summer. Kelsi and I walked into the waiting room about 20 minutes before our appointments. The receptionist greeted us in English and Spanish, had us fill out one sheet of paperwork, and then we waited to see the dentist. He greeted us right on time, and I went in first. His dental hygienist was there too and I figured she would do all the work, just as in the States, but it was totally the opposite. The actual dentist cleaned and polished my teeth, while she was just there more as an assistant!
So I sit down in the chair, lean back and get ready for the lecture about flossing. Instead he first checks my teeth for cavities, then congratulates me on not having any! Shakes my hand and everything before we get down to the teeth cleaning. Before I realize what is happening the assistant places headphones on my and a remote in my hand. What kind of brain-washing dentist's office is this place, anyway? What, are they going to have me listen to the Spanish version of "Why you must floss if you want to live past age 30"? About this time, I see it. The TV. Installed in the ceiling. For me to watch. While the dentist cleans my teeth. I'm sorry, what?? THIS IS AWESOME. When his face wasn't in the way I spent a lovely 25 minutes catching up on some Sportscenter and old 90210 episodes. LOVE IT. Half hour later and I was all set to go with clean teeth, a friendly dentist and no lecture about flossing! Unfortunately the power went out, which is typical here during the rainy season, so Kelsi has to go back next week. However, overall I was totally loving the dentist experience here in Cali. He was so nice and friendly! Hooray for just one more thing that make me feel like I am truly building a life for myself here.

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