April 27, 2009


So I started a blog.

What all will go in this blog I'm not quite sure yet, but here it goes. The main purpose is to document my time in Cali, Colombia over the next two years or so. In January 2009 I accepted a position at a bilingual school in Cali teaching 8th grade math. I will be teaching at the school with other teachers from the United States and also local teachers from Colombia.

I have always loved traveling, even more so after studying abroad in Spain during college, so right now this is the perfect opportunity for me. While I struggle with the idea of leaving everything I know behind, as I get ready to graduate college in a few short weeks, I am ready for something new. Teaching abroad has been a dream of mine for so long now, and I would regret any missed opportunity to teach, so off I go!

I leave Minnesota on July 28th...


Nicole said...

Love it! Welcome to the blogoworld!!

ProstoShelMimo said...

Ну не скажу за всех, а вот я обычно вот этим обменником пользуюсь Обменник когда хочу биткоин на какуюто более менее привычную валюту поменять. Имхо среди аналогов самые адекватные сроки за которые транзакция проходит.

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