January 29, 2011

“You might as well give up on the idea of sleep till you’ve finished the book.”

Since returning to school 2.5 weeks ago I have been frustrated by my students a bit. They didn't come back from three week of vacation with a positive, rested, ready-to-learn attitude and instead seem to be complaining more and more each day. Things got a little better this past week, so maybe we all just needed time to get back into the swing of things...

However, a part of my annoyance might have been the tiny, not-so-insignificant fact that I have been reading the Stieg Larsson series non-stop! After coming home yesterday after school and spending four straight hours reading I finished all three books, and yes, they are definitely as good as everyone says. I have been reading them at night, at lunch, on the way to school, on the way home from school...basically I have been living and breathing the life of Lisbeth Salander for two straight weeks. I cannot recommend these books highly enough to anyone who enjoys mystery, suspense, drama, or just well written novels.

I have included the summaries from Amazon for your reading enjoyment! Just be warned that the minute you start reading these books you will NOT be able to put them down until you finish the series! Also, a piece of advice: the first book takes awhile to get into. Once you are hooked there is no turning back, but you probably need to read to at least page 100 of the first book to get to that point. So don't give up too early!

Currently getting ready to watch the movie (The Swedish version...they are also making an American version) from the first book! Can't wait! Happy reading!

Amazon Review:
Once you start The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, there's no turning back. This debut thriller--the first in a trilogy from the late Stieg Larsson--is a serious page-turner. Mikael Blomkvist, a once-respected financial journalist, watches his professional life rapidly crumble around him. Prospects appear bleak until an unexpected (and unsettling) offer to resurrect his name is extended by an old-school titan of Swedish industry. The catch--and there's always a catch--is that Blomkvist must first spend a year researching a mysterious disappearance that has remained unsolved for nearly four decades. With few other options, he accepts and enlists the help of investigator Lisbeth Salander, a misunderstood genius with a cache of authority issues. Little is as it seems in Larsson's novel, but there is at least one constant: you really don't want to mess with the girl with the dragon tattoo.

Amazon Review:
Stieg Larsson's seething heroine, Lisbeth Salander, once again finds herself paired with journalist Mikael Blomkvist on the trail of a sinister criminal enterprise. Only this time, Lisbeth must return to the darkness of her own past (more specifically, an event coldly known as "All the Evil") if she is to stay one step ahead--and alive. The Girl Who Played with Fire is a break-out-in-a-cold-sweat thriller that crackles with stunning twists and dismisses any talk of a sophomore slump. Fans of Larsson's prior work will find even more to love here, and readers who do not find their hearts racing within the first five pages may want to confirm they still have a pulse. Expect healthy doses of murder, betrayal, and deceit, as well as enough espresso drinks to fuel downtown Seattle for months.

Amazon Review:
As the finale to Stieg Larsson's Millennium Trilogy, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest is not content to merely match the adrenaline-charged pace that made international bestsellers out of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Girl Who Played with Fire. Instead, it roars with an explosive storyline that blows the doors off the series and announces that the very best has been saved for last. A familiar evil lies in wait for Lisbeth Salander, but this time, she must do more than confront the miscreants of her past; she must destroy them. Much to her chagrin, survival requires her to place a great deal of faith in journalist Mikael Blomkvist and trust his judgment when the stakes are highest. To reveal more of the plot would be criminal, as Larsson's mastery of the unexpected is why millions have fallen hard for his work. But rest assured that the odds are again stacked, the challenges personal, and the action fraught with neck-snapping revelations in this snarling conclusion to a thrilling triad. This closing chapter to The Girl's pursuit of justice is guaranteed to leave readers both satisfied and saddened once the final page has been turned.

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