January 15, 2011

Cartagena: Photo Favorites with Friends

While my main purpose for traveling to Cartagena was to meet my dad and brother there, I did have two days between New Years in Bogota and their arrival. Thankfully, since I hate traveling alone, some friends from school also planned to be in the city during those days.

We spent time strolling the streets of Cartagena and taking a mud bath with strangers, but we also spent a lot of time taking pictures. My friend Sam is well-known for always being behind the camera and she takes crazy fun, creative and goofy pictures. She even brought props for picture taking! I also love taking pictures and everyone we were with humored us enough to be part of the experience. The result is a series of photos that still have me laughing and remembering a fun vacation!

Lounging around by the pool at our hostel, Casa Relax, with Sam and Rob.

Poolside lounging wth Rob and Mike...I apparently couldn't be bothered to lift my head up for this photo.

Blending in with the artwork with Mandi.

Awkward math teachers picture - Rob teaches 7th grade math and I teach 8th.

Jump shot in the plaza just outside the main door to the walled city.

With the "Reclining Woman" statue by famous Colombian artist Fernando Botero in Plaza de Santo Domingo.

Rob on the walls of the old city.

Loving Cartagena!

Jump shot!

Sangria at sunset at Cafe del Mar.

Everyone is ready for sunset drinks!

Enjoying the sunset over the Caribbean.

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