January 16, 2011

Family in Colombia: Part Two

Back in Cali we spent time relaxing, resting and enjoying time in our (my) own place after staying in hotels and eating out in Cartagena. Dad and brother both really liked my apartment, although they probably wish I had bigger beds, but overall I think they were comfortable here.

Sunday night Joe and I made a long trip to the grocery store for food and home essentials since I hadn't been living in my apartment for three weeks! We found some delicious food, Joe got to experience grocery shopping in a foreign country and we headed home to make dinner. That night we relaxed and watch some Big Bang Theory. I brought back three seasons on DVD after Christmas and we all enjoyed watching the show, even my dad who doesn't typically like a lot of TV!

Monday we played tourist in the very un-touristy city of Cali and took a walk through the neighborhoods of San Antonio and El Penon. Of course we made a stop at El Gato, the famous at statue along the river in the center of Cali. Finally we headed to Pizza 1969 to meet up with some friends and drink delicious beer from the Tres Cordilleras micro-brewery in Medellin. Joe and dad got to meet my friends Tara, Angie, Caleb and Hana as we re-united after Christmas break.

Dad outside the Church of San Antonio.

Joe and I at El Gato.

On Tuesday the boys laid low at my apartment while I went to school for a teacher's only curriculum day. I think they enjoyed the time to relax, use my WI-FI (Dad), and catch up on Gossip Girl (yes Joe, the secret is out). That night we went present shopping for my mom and found her a gorgeous skirt with hand-painted flowers, then met up with Tara and Hana at Mister Wings for happy hour. I think my family was discovering quickly that teachers go to happy hour a lot. :)

2-for-1 Margaritas at Mister Wings

Wednesday morning I got them both out of bed and on the way to school by 6:15 AM, which they were not exactly loving, but they were excited to see my school. As with all new visitors, they were in awe at the gorgeous campus where I work and I enjoyed taking them around on a tour. Sometimes it is easy to take for granted this open-air, beautifully groomed place where I teach everyday and having them there reminded me just how awesome it is. They also met a few sections of my students which I think both parties enjoyed. My dad commented on how middle school students express the same traits regardless of where they live in the world, which I think it is a cool observation when you think about what a big place the world really is. Also, I think meeting my family helped my students view me more as a "real person" and not just their math teacher.

Dad and I outside my classroom.

Swinging for the fences as they overlook the baseball field!

Wednesday afternoon I sent them to the airport for the journey back to Minnesota! We had an awesome trip Joe & Dad - love you guys!!

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