November 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Katie K!

At the end of sophomore year at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse I remember thinking I could not be more different from this girl. She ate Spagettios & Franks (little chunks of hot dog already in the can with the Spagettios), Little Caeser's Hot & Ready pizzas, listened to music I had never even heard of, not only approved of but actually liked boys in skinny jeans with the whole skater thing going on, and practiced Guitar Hero on a regular basis.
All this and we both liked the same guy. Probably should have resulted in disaster.
Well here we are three years later - we have ditched said guy and turned into real friends. (She also ditched the Spagettios & Franks, which I think has greatly enhanced our bond...) I don't know if anyone makes me laugh as much as Katie does - her infectious giggle permeates every conversation we have and her stories are the best. She's changed a lot in the time I have known her, and I have too in many ways - in some sense I think we pushed each other to change. We pushed each other to demand more from our lives.
She taught me to find the joy in so many little things in life - like singing to music in the car at the loudest possible volume with the windows down even if it is the middle of January in the midwest. Wherever Katie is, fun and laughter follow - and you might think she is always laughing (cause she usually is), but then you can have these amazing conversations over coffee where she helps you learn things about yourself that you never would have thought about otherwise. She's pretty amazing like that. ;)
Happy birthday Katelyn Rose --- enjoy your weekend of celebrating! I cannot wait to hear all the details...

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Unknown said...

thank you love. That was one of the nicest things people have ever said about me. I love you and miss you. I am very lucky to have you in my life.

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