November 3, 2009


Finally I can discuss this on my blog!!! :) Haha! So for the past two months I have been planning a trip to NYC to surprise my mom! After lots of planning, I traveled there this past weekend to surprise her!

I had never visited New York City before and my aunt Susie ran in the NYC marathon this weekend, so I really want to go and support her and also see my mom. I ended up flying overnight flights from Cali to Bogota then Bogota to NYC and everything worked out so well! We had an amazing weekend! There are so many more photos and details to come, but for now here is a video of me surprising my mom on Saturday morning at our hotel!


Anonymous said...

OMG! What a moment! Love hearing Susie's cackle. How cool to have on film - that rocks. I heard you finally made it Strawberry Fields. Yay!

TT said...

mother just showed me how to post a comment, I am really starting to move into the 21st century of blogging and such.

so much fun those little surprises, that will always be in the top 10, hell the top 1 in the family list of great surprises. It sure was all worth it, what a blessing that the entire trip went so smoothly, you got to hang with Mom, see sue run a great race (and hear her laugh...), and hey it's NEW YORK CITY (as Bruce would say). Awesome. "Is there anybody REALLY ALIVE out there???" Hell yes, and they are in New York city on surprise wkend trips, where only God would put Gucci and Armani next door to St Patrick's Cathedral. Imagine, it's easy if you try.... imagine all those people living here in peace - Papa Rad's.


Nicole said...

AGHHH I have tears in my eyes! Such a great surprise and I'm sure your mother was shocked!! Loved the video clip - nicely done.

PS: Your dad is too adorable!

Bethany said...

Aw, that's so sweet! That must have been an awesome weekend :)

Lisa said...

Aww, so precious! She must have been ecstatic! My brother surprised my Mom/sisters with a visit last time we were in SF and I wish I filmed it!

Anonymous said...

1. Absolutely love and miss your father.

2. Best video I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bananas. said...

FUN!!! i am uber jealous! i love NYC and am dying to run that marathon. hope you had a good time!

Eileen said...

Hola Kristin
What a thrill...when you suprised your mom she sent me a text, and as I read it I to watch this I cried!!
What a memory....
Loving your adventures via Blogs
Take Care
Eileen Massie

Ilse said...

kristin- this is a FANTASTIC moment you have captured:0. So happy that this worked out. It made me sooo happy.

also, so glad you loved NYC.

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