November 18, 2009

My Students Are Killing Me Slowly

You know when you have those days where staying in bed probably would have been the best choice? Those days when you don't really like your job? Well, as a teacher...this results in also not really liking your students. Now, overall they are fine and about 90% of the time I love them. I don't know if it's because I went away for the long weekend, so it was hard to come back. Or if it's because we are doing hard stuff in math, and they are struggling to understand. Or because Christmas & Thanksgiving break are so close...but they are difficult. Seriously difficult. Crabby. Whiny. Rude. Annoying.

To top it off, I read this article today in Colombia Reports about how 1 million Colombian children aren't even in school. Mine are and they complain the whole time.

I seriously need something to pull me out of this disaster zone with my students. Something like seeing New Moon on opening night. Or listening to the new John Mayer CD on repeat. Or enjoying a night of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice with my favorite La Crosse ladies. Or waiting in line for the release of the Cities 97 Sampler Volume 21.

Oh wait. I live in Colombia. None of that will be happening.

Now what?


Sergio is Somewhere said...

share the article with your kids!

sts said...

uggg. i feel you sista. don't worry, when you move in,we can have grey's nights :)

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