November 12, 2009

Dia Sin Carro

Happy Thursday!

Today is Dia Sin Carro (Day without Car) here in Cali. From 7am to 7pm all privately owned vehicles are prohibited from driving on the streets. Since we take the school bus to work every morning this didn't really change our morning routine too much, but since others could not drive, there were lots of new faces on our bus!

Although there are many exceptions to Dia Sin Carro, like government, military, school vehicles, taxis, etc. I do think this day is an awesome way to promote to use of public transportation and sharing rides. After being in NYC two weeks ago, and living in a big city here, I am totally in love with public transportation at the moment. When it works well and efficiently mass public transit really is a thing of beauty - not to mention being fabulous for the environment.

One of the most interesting things about Dia Sin Carro here in Cali is that everyone participates. Since this is a law, and enforced, people generally obey and do not use their cars. Which only leaves me to wonder - how would this work in the United States? If there was a mass Dia Sin Carro in your city would you figure out a way to get to work, school, etc. or would you just stay home and claim you had no options??

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