November 18, 2009

Bogota Otra Vez

Annnnnd I'm back from my second trip to Bogota in 3 months! This time we went because Maggie and my friend Catie were participating in a yoga workshop during the day on Saturday and Sunday, so Scott and I tagged along to play tourists. :) After this trip I am even more in love with the city! The cool climate, amazing restaurants and delicious pubs are just fantastic. Also, the city is so cultural yet so friendly. LOVE. Here are some memories from the documented by my camera. :) Enjoy!

Vive Colombia photos from campaign in the park to inspire national pride.
Gold much gold in one place.
Looking out from the museum to the main plaza...look at me being artsy with the photo through the letter O. What up.
Gold masks in the museum.
Giant floor map! I love maps so this was cause for great excitement! Please note Scott and I were documenting our current location :)
Fernando Botero Museum...this guy was crazy! All he painted & sculpted were chubby figures! Haha :)
His (chubby) version of the Mona Lisa.
Main plaza in Bogota getting set up for Christmas!
Main plaza and me!
Mmm...Irish Pub :) Mozzarella sticks, homemade fries, club wrap & more...
View of Bogota at sunset from a pedestrian bridge of the Transmilenio (the mass transit system)
We tried to find the Park of Simon Bolivar...and ended up in the Park of the Newlyweds.
More artsy photos of the park.
Whoops! :)
Beer sampler of the four main beers by the Bogota Brewing Company. I have now been to 4 out of the 9 locations. :) In order from darkest to lightest, Chapinero Porter, Montserrate Roja, Cajica Miel, and Candaleria Clasica.
$3000 pesos later and we are at the top of the Colpatria Tower, the tallest building in Colombia, for stunning views of Bogota.
Carrera 7 (7th Street) in Bogota. Monday was a holiday so if you look closely you can see that one side of the street is completely shut down for Ciclovia, when bikers/rollerbladers/walkers/joggers take over.
On top of the world of Bogota!


bananas. said...

oh how fun! it looks gorgeous there. i've never been anywhere in south america.

bananas. said...
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jenloveskev said...

ahhh i love that painting of the mona lisa. So awesome!!

Bethany said...

I love the chubby Mona Lisa! That looks like a neat place to visit :)

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