November 24, 2009

(extra)Ordinary Joe


It happened.

27 of 28 votes (Keizo Konishi is clearly incompetent in his voting abilities) go to Mr. Joseph Patrick Mauer for the 2009 American League Most Valuable Player.

I. Could. Not. Be. Happier.

Check out his amazingly humble and adorable press conference in Minnesota yesterday by clicking on the picture. :)


KAC said...

Ah that's so cool...I absolutely LOVE baseball! He did play Thunder Road and it was AMAZING, he also played Badlands and Born to Run and those were fantastic too. There was not a bad song all night!

aaronkaio said...

Hi! Thanks for responding to my emails--I'm happy to hear that you like Cali so much and the school, too. If you've got time, I've got a few more questions for you! How many outdoorsy activities are there to do in the city? Parks for jogging, races, etc.? It sounds like it's a lot safer than where we are now, so that's good. Also, are the students mostly Columbian or mostly international?
Thanks, I really appreciate hearing your answers. (My husband and I both teach social studies and language arts.)
Happy T-day!

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