November 12, 2009

Another Three Day Weekend - Another Plane Ride

Officially we have one full week of school in the month of November...and it already happened. The next few weeks are going to be a rush to fit everything into the semester - I need to get to work writing that Algebra 1 first semester final at some point... :/
With all these three day weekends I have been certainly maximizing my time, with my travel to NYC and all. :) This weekend I off to Bogota with the same crew from Semana de Receso minus Kelsi. My roommate, Maggie, and our friend Catie are attending a weekend long yoga workshop in Bogota. I do not feel like I have been practicing yoga long enough to attend, so instead Scott and I are going to play tourists for the weekend.
When we were in Bogota last time we didn't get a lot of time to explore the city or go to some of the cool museums, thus I am pretty excited for the trip! We are leaving right after school on Friday afternoon and will not be back until Monday night, so I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! :)
p.s. ONLY 14 days until I am on a plane to that beautiful, all-inclusive Thanksgiving vacation in the Caribbean. Life is good. :)

1 comment:

Nicole said...

JEALOUS! Sounds like a great few weeks coming your way! Enjoy and take lots of pictures!! xx

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