November 29, 2009

Solo Movie Date

After returning from the weekend vacation (more details SOON!) I decided I needed to see New Moon, the latest movie in the Twilight saga, as soon as possible. For lack of finding anyone to go with and for lack of patience in waiting any longer I decided to take myself on my very first solo movie date. Although odd to stand in line alone, buy my ticket alone, and sit alone, overall not a bad experience. In fact, kind of a personal victory to know that I am okay being alone with myself - I think that's kind of important in the long run. So I won't go on forever about the movie, because I know not everyone loves Twilight, BUT I will make these comments:
  • LOVED it. :)
  • How completely GORGEOUS was Jacob in this movie??? Kind of makes a girl want to switch to Team Jacob?
  • Wolf & vampire fighting scenes = amazing! I am so excited for Eclipse!
  • Thank you directors/writers for avoiding awkward lines such as "Climb on spider monkey"
  • WOW - another fantastic soundtrack!! Death Cab for Cutie, Muse, The Killers, etc. - I need to get some of these songs asap.
  • The Volturi were so well cast! And Aro creeps the hell out of me. Seriously.
In closing...I can't wait for the next movie -LOVED this one, but seeing the next one with fellow obsessed fan and friend Liz is the best it can get - the next one will be in celebration of her 23rd birthday and you can bet we will be there at midnight!


Nicole said...

yeaa that jason dude or whoever he is really doesnt blow my skirt up. And this whole vampire movie / book scheme really needs to take a chill pill - I'm still recovering from the days of the Harry Potter craze. :)

KAC said...

I saw New Moon and LOVED it...glad you had a great time on your solo date!

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