November 29, 2009

Books: Julie & Julia

Over the weekend I finished reading Julie & Julia by Julie Powell. This book chronicles the author as she spends a year cooking all the recipes in Julia Child's book, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, or MtAoFC as Julie calls it in the book. Julie is a hilarious writer, and while some of the cooking details got a bit long, I would recommend this book -definitely a good read! I am excited to see the movie! Here are some of my favorite passages from the book...she just cracks me up as a writer :)

"I felt like a Jane Austen heroine all of a sudden (except, of course, that Jane Austen heroines never cook), confusedly looking on at all the people she loves, their myriad unpredictable couplings and uncouplings. There would be no marriages at the end of this Jane Austen novel, though, no happy endings, no endings at all. Just jokes and friendships and romances and delicious declarations of independence. And I realized that, for this night at least, I didn't much care if anyone was the marrying kind of not - not even me. Who could tell? We none of us knew for sure what kind we were, exactly, but as long as we were the kind that could sit around eating together and having a lovely time, that was enough."

"You cannot imagine how it eases the suffering of serving a mind-numbing public, when you can snidely judge said public via IM at the same time." (Discussing her job as a secretary after a co-worker introduces her to IM)

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