November 6, 2009

I Am...

I saw this on Lisa's blog this morning and decided to follow suit. :) I promise a more detailed update on NYC soon!! :) (As in maybe tonight??)

I am:

ReadingJulie & Julia by Julie Powell. Loving it so far because she is hilarious! Hopefully I can finish it soon and then go see the movie!

Keeping… my sanity while trying to inspire 8th graders to learn Algebra.

Baking… maybe cookies this weekend? We have another Tribes training (the program we are learning about community based classrooms...) on Monday so we will be at school until 6. I think cookies will be essential to everyone's survival.

Watching…all the shows I missed last week. I just started watching The Big Bang Theory because it's on every night here at 5:30. I love this show because the four guys are so incredibly nerdy and lots of their jokes relate to math. :)

Trying… to dance salsa! Kelsi and I started salsa dance lessons Wednesday night and plan on going frequently to improve our skills! Every weekend we conclude Sunday night by saying MUST. LEARN. SALSA. Therefore, we are making it happen. $100.000 pesos ($50 USD) for 36 lessons...hopefully we will be able to hold our own on the dance floor soon!

Making… time for myself. I have had a busy couple of weeks...this weekend I plan on devoting some serious time to my book and the hammock.

Congratulating… Barack Obama on one year in. I cannot believe that one year ago I was voting for the first time in such an incredible election for my country.

Happy Friday friends!

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