November 23, 2009

Hi, My Name is Kristin and I am a TV on DVD Addict.

Just completed my first wire transfer from pesos back to dollars in my US bank account and what do I find waiting in my email upon my return?

That's right. The Best Buy after Thanksgiving day sale flyer. Yessssssssssssssssss.

For the past three years my friend Allison and I have woken ourselves up at the obscene hour of 3:30 am in order to arrive at Kohls by 4 am then trek over to Best Buy for their 5 am opening. No part of this is driven by my need to Christmas shop, although I do love buying presents. No, no. If I am awake and dealing with customer service people in the middle night you can rest assured it's 100% for me. :) We typically find lots of great work clothes at Kohls, and then head over to Best Buy for our yearly dose of DVDs.

Last year I bought this:
That's right. Seven seasons of the best comedy and applicable life quotations by Sarah Jessica Parker that $99 (On sale!!) can buy you. I have been enjoying it all year long! :)

So this brother will be sent in my place to Best Buy at 5 am...and I am struggling with what to have him purchase? All the seasons of Friends are on sale, so are Entourage seasons, and the Office...but he already owns all the Office, so I could just watch his? Ah I don't know...

And of course...Gilmore Girls...all seven seasons for $149. I feel like I need to own this. I love Rory and Lorelai! (My college roommates are cringing as they read this as they despise GG with a passion, but I LOVED it)

Thoughts anyone?? :)

Happy Monday!


Nicole said...

NOOO DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!! Go to Project Free Tv website!!! All the episodes of anything ever made available at your disposal! Well at least in Australia they are or try!!

DVD's are going to be out of date just like VHS!! :)

PS: how did it feel to transfer from pesos to US?? Lose a lot money :( YIKes

sts said...

omg. thank god you are buying the gilmore girls. i was gonna have to. i love them...and sorry to your college roomies who don't value snarky is a must (speaking as your future roommate:)

Papa Rad's said...

test post

Papa Rad's said...

it appears at my advanced age I've actually learned how to set up a Google account, and now can post responses on this awesome blog.

Now then, as the future father-in-law of Joe, and as the world's most ridiculously obsessed baseball/Twins/Mauer fan, I of course could not be happier also about this MVP business. Quite an amazing baseball player, performing well in the big's at a relatively young age in baseball years. The Twins s/b getting better every year, building around the M & M boys, improving the pitching, and heading for that new outdoor stadium.

kirsten said...

i most definitely did cringe when i read that about gg.

i agree with nicole. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY (but for entirely different reasons!)

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