December 5, 2009

tropical islands, snorkeling & my obsession with in-motion photography.

Hmm...after a week of trying to recover from my tropical island Thanksgiving and keep up with school work it appears I have been quite absent from the online world. My brother sent me a Skype message today asking if I was still alive. Whoops! Well, here I am. In the midst of writing an Algebra final, I have been terrible at blogging about my vacation in San Andres.

What is there to say about San Andres?? It's an island. In the Caribbean. Owned by Colombia. Are you picturing that? Is the picture in your head absolutely gorgeous?? Well multiply that by about 1,000,000 and that's what my vacation looked like. After a somewhat rocky start that involved tropical storms, a terrifyingly bumpy plane ride and a 2 hour pit stop on a runway in Panama, this all-inclusive vacation was nothing short of fabulous.

From our room overlooking the sea to the aqua blue water to the swim up bar, this vacation was relaxation central. Here are some highlights:
  • My first ever snorkeling experience! I hate the taste of salt water but it was totally worth it for the up close experience of swimming around tropical fish! Thanks to my friend Catie's underwater camera you will see some of the pictures...

  • Jumping off a high dive into the Caribbean - talk about thrilling! See photos below...
  • Renting a golf cart to explore the other all-inclusive hotels on the island. Our hotel is part of a chain of 6 hotels on the island, and with our purple ID bracelets we were able to go and visit all the other hotels where we promptly made good use of their beaches, waterfronts and bars.

  • Playing beach volleyball! I love love love beach volleyball, and Hana and I had a blast playing with some other people at a nearby hotel. time I will apply sunscreen before playing. Oops. :/
  • Delicious breakfast buffets of make your own omelets, amazing french toast, so so so so much fresh fruit, pastries, cafe con leche and more!
  • Reading with the sounds of the sea in the background.

  • Sunrises & sunsets.

  • Kayaking around the hotel.

  • Swim up bar & our gorgeous hotel in general.

  • Exploring the sand bar on Rocky Cay.

  • Taking a ridiculous number of photos - especially with in-motion subjects
On the subject of photography, I don't discuss it much on this blog, but I absolutely love taking pictures. Not only do photos help illustrate the thoughts, ideas, and adventures I discuss here, but they serve as such beautiful memories for the future. Since my senior year in high school, when I was editor of the yearbook, I have possessed a strong interest in the beauty behind photography. If I wasn't a math teacher, I would totally go into photography or graphic design or something. Maybe I will have a little side studio in addition to being a teacher, who knows? Anyway, as my interest in photography has developed I take less of the still, posed photos and more action photos. Ever since I saw one of those jumping know, the ones where a group of people line up and then jump in the air and the camera catches them in motion...I have loved them!!

Here are some of my favorite in-motion photos from San Andres:

And no island vacation is complete without pirates and Bob Marley.... :)

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