December 16, 2009

more boxes - but better this time

IT'S HERE!!!!!!!!!

My Christmas box has arrived from the States!! 100% worth the $15 USD in import taxes I paid to get it back from the Colombian government! So far I have opened the new John Mayer CD and Cities 97 Sampler, cause I already knew they were in there. I also read cards from my little brothers and parents! Besides that I feel kind of weird opening things on my own when my family doesn't even know I have the box yet, so until later...

many more details (& pictures) to come!

1 comment:

Nicole said...

WHoooHOOo cant wait for mine too - if only the australian post office didnt decide to go on strike for the next few days i may be looking at my goodies too! :( bastards!

merry xmas!!

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