December 10, 2009

bumpy bus rides & pick-me-up emails

Despite having a random Tuesday off, it seems I cannot get enough sleep this week! I went to bed earlier than usual last night, without even staying up to watch the latest Gossip Girl (I know, I need to watch it asap!) and I was still exhausted today. So exhausted I stayed in bed until 6 and had to eat the fastest bowl of cereal of my entire life. Whoops.

After the cereal incident I proceeded on my 3 block walk to where I meet 8 other teachers every morning to catch the bus at 6:28 am. The bus ride was, as usual, hot, bumpy, and the window next to me rattled the entire time. In addition, I usually spill my tea at some point each morning due to the pot holes of Cali, Colombia. Needless to say, although the bus is free transportation, it kind of stinks.

So I arrive at school without a lot of enthusiasm about life today, and begin working hard to put the finishing touches on my algebra final. After proof reading I decide to take a break by checking my email...

That's when I came across this gem from my friend Allison. (the one who is coming to visit in EIGHTEEN short days!!)
I click on the link to the article from the Minneapolis Star Tribune, thinking I will be met with some sort of intense article that got her so upset. Here is what I find:
Ahhhh yes, Allison's addiction, even at age 23, is of course sugar cereal. I even had a discussion with her last week about how expensive cereal is here, so she should probably bring down at least 2 boxes for her 15 day trip. Of course this email about a decline in sugar cereal production has got her upset, and of course she chooses to email me about it in a hostile manner. Maybe it's because I know her, or maybe it's because she is such a great writer, but this totally cracked me up. As in laughed out loud alone at my desk. :)

Reading this totally made me remember how much I miss her, and how lucky I am that she is coming to visit me. Coming to a new country and traveling alone to get here is a big financial and emotional commitment, so I am so glad she just went for it! We have lots of exciting plans for the time she is here, including a 6 day hike to a lost city, exploring the beautiful beaches of Santa Marta, New Years Eve in Cali, visiting my school, and more!

So with that bit of commentary on sugar cereal production, I wish you all a fabulous Thursday!

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Nicole said...

my grandma gave me $50 for christmas (well to my mom to send me something) I asked for $50 worth of sugar cereals. In aus its around $8 for frosted flakes.

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