December 31, 2009

I'm going to make this girl move to Cali, Colombia - it's non-negotiable

As you can tell from Allison's guest blog, she has arrived here safe and sound and we are enjoying our time together! I CANNOT believe we spent so long apart, because after 48 hours of her in the country it feels like we never left each other's sides. Isn't that the best, when you can see friends after such a long time and feel like nothing really ever is going to stop you from being best friends? LOVE IT. Here is some photo documentation of the time we rocked Cali, Colombia juntos (together).
Day 1: Day of the Pacific food festival at CAM Plaza - note the large nativity scene behind us - clearly we are embracing the time we spent working together at a religious gifts store :)
Official poster for the Feria de Cali, Cali's huge annual festival that took place December 25 - 30.
Allison's first cholado!!! A mix of fruit, condensed milk, raspberry syrup and a wafer on top! Note that this picture looks just like the photos we take of us drinking Jamba Juice - even on different continents we still rock at life.
Ready to go out to the Super Concierto with Marc Anthony.
Parque de las Banderas - across from my house.
Oh hey Marc Anthony.
Fireworks display when we were leaving the concert - they were SO LOUD!!
Day 2: Taking the Mio (Cali's mass transit system) during my favorite time of day in Cali, Colombia - just before sunset!
Allison looking gorgeous in the new dress we both bought! Getting ready to venture to Loma de La Cruz for some artisan shopping.
At Loma de La Cruz overlooking Cali.
Enjoying some malts (malteadas) at Macondo, a cafe we love in the San Antonio neighborhood.
La Alhumbrada - the Christmas lights display along the Rio Cali. As soon as I saw this for the first time, I knew Allison had to see it because she loves Christmas and decorations. The lights display the history of Colombia in chronological history...this is the part of the conquistadors.
A famous Cali landmark - El Gato (The Cat).
Of course we had to take a photo with the light up baseball player as a result of our mutual obsession with the Minnesota Twins.
Hooray! Allison tries the national drink of Colombia - aguardiente for the first time and LOVES it!
Aquardiente :)
My new purse from Mu - an amazing leather purse shop that I took Allison to. I just had to buy this gray and purple purse and I am 100% in love with it.
Inside of my new purse!
We are spending today packing and getting ready for our adventures in Santa Marta, Colombia - we leave tomorrow at 10:30 am! Later I will be posting a little bit about what we are up to during our travels - check back for details about our six day jungle hike!!

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