December 14, 2009

unpacking those brown boxes...and creating a home

6:15 am - all packed up and ready to go!
8:15 pm - thank goodness for school maintenance men who move you across town with more efficiency than is standard in Colombia. My new bedroom!
Other side of my new room!
The ducks new bathroom.
Living room and interior decorator Hana getting things organized.
Living room with hammock in the background!
View out the living room window.


bananas. said...

a hammock in the living room?! that's like my dream!!!

your place is uber cute.

Nicole said...

Very nice! I'll have to get pics of my new place up as well!

PS; was just thinking about the CDH 5 year reunion - i think we should make an appearance...thoughts? I think its next summer some time - maybe.

Bethany said...

I love the hammock-- the new apartment looks great!

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