December 19, 2009

christmas presents are the best.

The Christmas season has definitely arrived in Cali, Colombia and I am so much more excited about it than I was two weeks ago when I wrote about the holiday blues. Since then I have received two packages from home, one from my mom & dad and one from my Grandpa Mike & Paula, and countless gifts from my students. Funny how little bits of home, love and appreciation can make you feel so happy?!
While a majority of my students brought in baked goods like cookies, cakes, truffles and more...

I love these Santa pants with cookies inside! They are from twin boys I teach, both of whom are absolutely hilarious, so I am not at all surprised they chose to give me Santa pants for Christmas. :)
...I also received some non-edible gifts. One of my favorite students to talk to both in and out of class brought me a little pencil/make-up case from one of my favorite stores in Colombia, Mu. They specialize in leather and this particular one is yellow and purple (MN Vikings & CDH high school colors...weird). One of the best parts about Mu is that they not only sell gorgeous purses, but instead of just giving them to you in a plastic bag, they give them to you in these fun, funky bags created from extra material used on the inside of their purses. LOVE them!
Outside of my gift from Mu.
Mu pencil bag. Yay!
In addition to the MU purse, some other presents include a candle and Sex & the City perfume re-gifted from Kelsi...cause she teaches primary and they are just over-loaded with presents.
Mom & Dad
My parents' package included gifts from them, some of which I am saving to open until it's closer to Christmas, cards, and gifts from other friends and family. The cards from them and my brothers were adorable. I can totally tell my mom sat my two youngest brothers down and told them to write me a card, but they were still super sweet and told me how much they miss me. Inside the box I have found...
Lotion and bath salts from my friend Beth.
Yoga ornament - "Yoga is the practice of quieting the mind."
Peace ornament - this was wrapped up with a label that said To: Kristin, From: JL. I had to open it immediately because I couldn't figure out who JL was. Once I opened the box I realized immediately that JL is John Lennon. My parents know me well!
Twins memorabilia from my Grandma Jeanne and Grandpa Sam. My grandma saves close to everything, so I am not at all surprised that she saved these Joe Mauer articles! LOVE it.
New Twins shirt (close up)! I have already worn it several times - amazing!
Presents yet to be opened!!!
Grandpa & Paula
Christmas village - complete with a lighthouse, school house, church, kids gathering a Christmas tree, and house.
Christmas village with Santa Claus!
Incredibly comfy and soft white fleece.
Travel pillow aka my new best friend for the bus ride to Pasto. Thank goodness this arrived!!!
Presents yet to be opened!!!

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BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Look at all those goodies! I used to love getting packages from my Mom when I lived in other cities. No matter what it was, it was always a thrill!

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