December 14, 2009

Weekend Recap: brutal rugby games, christmas parties, and midnight intruders

Over the weekend I did the following:
  • Middle school & high school faculty Christmas party at the waterfall in Pance, about 15 minutes south of Cali. My principal paid for the beers and I swam under the waterfall. Delightful.
Steph & Angie enjoying the festivities.
Swimming under the waterfall!
  • Catie and Scott's Christmas Tree Trimming Party. Everyone brought an ornament to represent Cali, Colombia. Mine was fashioned from a Juan Valdez coffee cup holder. This was a fun night with great friends! Catie made spinach dip with this amazing fresh bread we get from the grocery store - delicious.
Catie & Scott with the Charlie Brown tree!
Rooftop decorated for the party.
Ladies enjoying the Christmas fiesta.
  • Came home from the party to my empty apartment at a time well past bedtime....heard knocking...thought someone was in my dark apartment. After searching the whole apartment to no avail I went to bed. The next morning I discovered this... midnight intruder?
A silly bird who got confused by a clear window pane.
  • Pizza night with Catie and Scott for the last night in my apartment. I now am in love with Archie's Brie pizza with apples on it - so good!!
  • Attended my first every Cali rugby game and determined that rugby is the most intense sport alive and was probably invented by men who wanted a reason to wrestle with one another for long periods of time.
Cali soccer stadium with 3 crosses in the background.
Kelsi & Steph watching the game.
  • Fell further in love with my Mac Book and Apple by creating this rocking imovie of my Thanksgiving trip to San Andres. Check it out!
  • Also, can we just acknowledge the fact that Nick Swisher AKA the bane of my existence ever since the Minnesota Twins lost three straight games to the Oakland A's in the 2006 playoffs will be playing himself in an upcoming episode of the usually fabulous show, How I Met Your Mother! Oh and p.s. - he's now a Yankee. I actually feel physically ill thinking about this.
Tomorrow? NEW apartment pictures!

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