December 29, 2009

Guest Blog- Journey to Colombia!

As soon as Kristin announced she accepted in Cali I knew I would be there at some point. Mostly of course to reunite with my sarcastic sidekick who keeps me on my feet 24/7 whether I'm in a bout of St. Paul road rage or requiring a personal wake-up phone call to get my 23 year old self up and off to work. With one last winter break in my college days and the prospect of a long Minnesota winter, I booked the tickets to warmth and made the countdown to our reunion.
Just preparing for the trip was fun. Class time turned into google pictures of Colombian beaches time. I went shopping for chacos, water purification pills, and other outdoorsy gear that empowered me to believe that I might very well just take over the world in our upcoming jungle hike. I mean really, who in their right mind would even think of challenging a shockingly pale, skinny, Minnesota nice girl who's dangerously armed with a blinding head lamp and Venus razor? Fools.
With everything packed up including the largest jar of peanut butter known to mankind for Kristin I trekked off to the airport at 4am. After 20 hours of waiting, reading, napping, and losing my mind to idle thoughts I finally had the moment when I knew this trip was going to be amazing. Crammed into the window seat on a plane full of Colombians, we came down for our landing and as soon as the wheels of the plane hit the runway the entire plane erupted into a deafening cheer that would make the metrodome seem sullen during a Vikings game. AMAZING. Enthusiasm at its finest. As a whole hearted proponent of all things happy, I instantly felt connected to the people around me as everyone looked around cheering, clapping, and smiling. I knew that I was going to love the people of Colombia and could not wait to start exploring! Seeing Kristin at the airport made the longest day of traveling and delays disappear and as soon as we bear hugged, I knew it was just the start of an adventure.


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