December 22, 2009

another adventure begins...

Ever since I moved to Colombia I feel like I am always packing for something. Yeah, yeah I know no one feels bad for me, so I will cut with the complaining. :) Instead I am procrastinating packing (one of my favorite pastimes) and blogging.
Tomorrow I will be at the Cali bus terminal by 6 am in the hopes of obtaining a bus ticket to Pasto, assuming they are not sold out. If they are I will probably be back home by 7 am writing a hostile blog post. However, in the hopes I do get a bus ticket, I will be on my way to Pasto - to arrive 9 (yes, nine!) hours later in the southern most department (sort of like counties) of Colombia.
I will be in Pasto until December 28th, when I fly back to Cali to meet Allison, who will arrive that night.
I am traveling to Pasto with a friend from school, Daniel, who I will meet there because he is riding his motorcycle...and I'm not doing that for six hours, let's be honest. I am very excited to check out the Colombian Christmas traditions in Pasto and celebrate Christmas in a new way. Also, although Pasto seems like a small town, I think it will be an interesting place to visit. The department of Narino, of which Pasto is the capital, sits right on the Ecuadorian border so Pasto is sort of a blend of Colombia and Ecuador without being exclusive to either country. Pastusos (people from Pasto) are all the subject of many jokes among Colombians, so I think there will be lots of fun there. From what I have gathered, people in Colombia make fun of Pastusos sort of in the way people in Minnesota make fun of people from Iowa (no offense).
My Christmas plans in Pasto include hanging out with Daniel's family, exploring Pasto, eating ice cream made right on the street...apparently a tradition in Pasto, a possible side trip to Ecuador, and avoiding the local delicacy (guinea pig) at all costs! Until I return on Monday I have some fabulous scheduled posts for your reading pleasure! Merry Christmas everyone!!

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