December 6, 2009

i love la crosse, wisconsin.

I officially move to my new apartment one week from today! I am sad to leave the area where I am now, because I have a lot of friends who live near me, and I enjoy being close to them. However, I am definitely excited for my new roommates and to live in a new neighborhood. Everytime I have been to my new neighborhood, San Fernando, I just love the little restaurants, shops and BEST of all - there is a bagel shop on the same block! I miss bagels. Seriously. :)

Anyway, this weekend I had some friends over before I move out of the apartment. We hung out, chatted, and played some games that I best associate with college days, red Solo cups and Keystone. :) Of course Angie, Caleb and I took a La Crosse grads photo, since we are the most represented college at our school. I am considering sending it into the alumni association...haha. Or maybe just the math department. They should probably frame it to hang in Cowley Hall.

p.s. A note to those from La Crosse - Sweet Caroline was definitely on my playlist. :)

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